Monday, April 18, 2005

The First of the Gang With a Gun in His Hand

Since I'm on this musical tangent, may I just say that, 20 years on, I still have a major thing for Morrissey. I have no idea what it is about him that grabs me in such a stupidly animal female hormone way. It's kinda weird, but it feels good.

I'm making a mix cd for the car on Friday - taking a trip with the Sasquatch to Philly to go hear Michael Penn and visit the Mutter Museum, both of which will be most excellent events. (May I say that the museum has a dreadful website - they need design help in a big way!) I'm including some cuts from Morrissey's Live at Earl's Court cd. It's pretty damn good. I would LOVE to have seen the man on this tour, but the tickets were bizarrely expensive. I will have to swoon at home with my headset on.

Teeth flossed and brushed. Time for bed. A job to be found in the morning, I hope...

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