Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hotter Than Hades

It's 85 degrees outside right now. If you're at the beach or in an air-conditioned coffee bar (may I recommend, by the way, Mayorga Coffee), it's just peachy keen. But, if you're in a small, overstuffed apartment where the A/C doesn't get turned on until mid-May, it's HELL ON EARTH.

This is the time of year that helps me truly understand equatorial and Mediterranean siesta cultures and why corseted Southern women used to do nothing but swoon on the veranda, drinking their mint juleps. Ugh.

A friend has just suggested that I hie myself away to Mayorga Coffee and retreat into surely air conditioned and heavily caffeinated bliss. I think I may just do that. I've been trying to conserve money by not going to the $3.50 coffee place, but it's just too damn hot in here. Time to pack up the laptop and go. Free WiFi, good iced coffee, and time to consider my professional fate.

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