Thursday, April 21, 2005

Philly Bound!

Tomorrow, it's a day away from DC, thank you Jeeezus.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this little trip. I'm hoping a little travel will not only broaden the mind, but improve my perspective on the world. Lunch may be the traditional Philly cheesesteak "wit' wiz" (meaning, with onions and cheese whiz, apparently) or a trip to an Uzbek place in a strip mall in the Russian neighborhood. God, I would kill for some plov right now.

There's a great Uzbek place in L.A. - I went there with my friend Rachel and a couple of colleagues maybe three years back. It was great. The food kicked ass. I think we would have had music, too, but they'd had an Uzbek Jewish funeral party in right before us, and it just wasn't the right vibe for wild and crazy Central Asian dance music.

If you're in L.A. and want some good Uzbek eats, go to Uzbekistan - it's in a tiny strip mall (7077 Sunset Boulevard -by Sunset and LaBrea), but it still rocks. We feasted on all sorts of stuff that Rachel and I hadn't eaten in ages. We took our first trip to Uzbekistan together back in 1989, and we had a great time. That's the trip when some guy tried to buy me from Rachel, no joke. I figured they would have gone for her, California girl with long blonde hair, but no - they wanted the dumpy fat chick with the dark, shaggy head. At least we didn't get arrested - that would have to wait for the Uzbek trip with Katherine a year later.

Sigh. Now I really want some plov. Yum.

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