Friday, April 22, 2005


Well, the theme of rodentia stays with me, it seems. I ran to 7-11 briefly tonight, and, as I stepped out of the car, this enormous rat blazed out from under my door, causing me to nearly fall flat on my face in the parking lot. This was housecat-sized, dammit. And it stopped to shriek at me, like it was all pissed off at me.

Actually, it probably was all pissed off at me.

There were three very upscale teenage boys standing nearby, trying to convince people to buy them smokes. They looked very Georgetown Prep, and they had a Volvo stationwagon with the windows down, pouring out some nameless teen angst pop tuneage.

I pointed out the rat and they moved like they were on fire. Georgetown Prep track team.

There's a documentary about the vast rat population in DC. I think it's simply called something like "Rats." There's a terrifying number of rats in this area. Really terrifying. I heard once that, in Lafayette Park, across from the White House, there are 17 rats for each person who walks through the park on any given day.

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