Monday, April 25, 2005


Ever just visit random blogs and suddenly find yourself in territory so alien it freaks you out? I just did.

I have no intention of offering a URL for this freakfest. Let's just say our esteemed writer is a perky all-American 20-something who likes to post cute kitty pictures, use lots of smileys, and enjoys drafting massively inflammatory racist and homophobic rants.

I have to admit, I kept going back to the cute, fresh-scrubbed, rosy-cheeked 23-year-old face on her profile and tried to match that with the hatefilled bile she spits out.

Scary. Really. Damn. Scary.

In the middle of her most recent hatefest, she stops to point out a prophecy that Benedict XVI will be the next to last pope, and that she's really stoked about meeting Jesus soon. Yay, Jesus!

I'm adding her to my list of "people I will not be surprised to see on America's Most Wanted someday."

Hey, chiquita - I bet Jesus is really stoked about meeting you, too. He may have some fascinating thoughts on decency and equality to share with you.

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