Sunday, July 17, 2005

Four months

Monday morning marks four months of unemployment.

Is it time to climb a bell tower (or a bridge) yet?

I think this is easily the darkest time I've had since my mom died in 2001. And yet, in the darkness, there are little rays of light. And there are people I should be thanking for all sorts of things:

To the Sasquatch, the Atomic Editor, MEB, Paul, and the rest of my dear, dear friends - thanks for your support, your job leads, and for just being incredibly cool. If I didn't have you guys around, I'd have thrown in the towel and started living on Dewey Beach by now, begging for picnic basket scraps.

To April Winchell for giving me some really good professional advice that I've actually had a chance to use - and hope to use again soon. April is a sweetheart and a very decent person.

To Shane Nickerson for sending me a new printer. I may have been helping you clean out your garage, dude, but you saved me from having to expend more credit to buy a new one. That's a lifesaver right now. Really.

To the 5.5 people who read this blog and have left thoughtful, friendly, and supportive messages. I really appreciate it, and I'm grateful to you for actually hanging around and reading my self-indulgent rants. If I had all your addresses, I'd send you each a nice hand-stamped card for putting up with me, my bad grammar, and awful spelling.

Muchas gracias, y'all. Hopefully, this time next month, I'll have a job to tell you about. Otherwise, you may find me on the beach, talking to myself...


kenju said...

Good luck on the job front.

Merujo said...

Thank you!! I really, very sincerely appreciate your good thoughts!

Here's hoping...

Anonymous said...

I just found out my job of 18 years might be in jeopardy. So I could be in your shoes soon. I hope if I do that I can take it with as much humor as you've shown, at least in your blog. I suspect the real life stuff has a whole lot less laughs.

And I lost my mom in 2000 - it was (and still is sometimes) very hard. She'd have been one of the first phone calls I would have made when I got the news last week about my job. Sure I've got family & friends but it just ain't the same, huh?

So here's another "good luck" from one of your 5.5 readers (which I suspect is actually much larger than that)

suze said...

Good luck and (((HUGS))))
hopefully all will be resolved soon.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Merujo! You'll find that job RSN (It's probably where you left your keys.) And thank you for our chats too, you lifesaving cool person you.