Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Harry Potter

I love these books. Good kid lit that can suck an adult into its world is priceless. I am really looking forward to Saturday. I plan to consume this new book with a voraciousness usually only associated with Andean planewreck survivors.

I saw today that the Pope disapproves of Harry Potter. Well, golly gosh. Too bad, bubba. You're missing out on some good entertainment. As a theoretically Catholic child, I used to enjoy reading the list of Church-condemned movies in The Catholic Post and noting how many of them I'd seen. (See, I wasn't a good Catholic even as a kidlet.) Half-heartedly, my mother would remind me not to gloat - it was unseemly to be so pleased at dissing the Church's movie-viewing guidelines. Not that she cared - she was the one who took me to see the Cinema of Satan...

I just got e-mail from The Dolby. He and his kids will be lined up at midnight Friday, waiting to get their copies. Last time I saw The Dolby, we talked about good kid lit, and I recommended Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising series. (Also likely candidates for a Papal snub.) I dig the books about English children, magic, and myth. It all works well together. It just wouldn't be the same thing if Harry Potter lived in Santa Monica, dude. No way.

There's even a Harry Potter connection to the Dark Tower, but I'm going to refrain from geeking out that much. For now, at least.

The salt water foot soak calls me. Gawd, I live such an exciting life.

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Merujo said...

Religion is overrated. And tends to lead to a lot of useless violence, in the name of god. Sigh.

Can't wait to get my paws on the new book. I like the thought of going to a bar and then lining up. I like your plan a whole lot!