Wednesday, July 06, 2005

That Book Meme (revisited)

I just went back and revised a blog entry from mid-May. I had snarfed a meme from Chaodai's LiveJournal about books - how many you have, what books mean the most to you...

When I wrote it, I had no idea I was about to start reading a series of books that now mean a great deal to me. I can't explain it exactly. I think you need to read the books and go on the journey to understand just how wrapped up in them you can get. I've proselytized for them before, but I'll do it again now: go read the Dark Tower books by Stephen King. If you don't weep repeatedly in the final book, I may have to declare you have a heart of stone.

Oh hell, trust me - you'll weep buckets in the final book.

Dod-a-chock, dud-a-chum, look out Dark Tower, here I come!

Anyway - in watching my StatCounter over the past few days, I've seen a lot of people come visit my blog via that book meme entry, so I felt it was necessary to revise that piece to reflect my recent change in book-lovin' priorities. Jetzt alles klar.

So, there you have it.

I had intended to stay off the computer most - or all - of the day today, but I had to help my brother EdGeo buy a computer. That took a couple of hours, going through all the parameters. His current stinky paperweight is so old, he hasn't even been able to access his e-mail account for months and months. I'll feel much better now that he'll soon be back online with a brand spankin' new Dell and able to communicate with us all. It's an evil thing to be disabled and cut off from something most of us take for granted. And, with our large family, e-mails tend to fly fast and furious. (Although, a lot of it is forwarded stuff, so there's a wheat/chaff thing involved...)

Did I mention that, the other day, I forgot to zip up my laptop bag and, tossing it into my car, I accidentally hurled my beloved laptop to the ground? I nearly blacked out from fear. Had I killed it, I would not have been able to replace it. The coffers are completely bare, folks.

Fortunately, I just scarred the crap out of the once-pristine silver top. The screen did not crack, thank you, Jeeezus. The little guy now looks "much loved" and less like something someone would want to steal. Small blessings, huh? I'm really, really careful with the zippers now.

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