Thursday, August 11, 2005

Back on the radio!

Can't get enough of me babbling ad nauseum here? Well, actually, you probably can, but, still... drop on by and listen to me on WAMU's Metro Connection show on Friday.

Metro Connection runs 1-2 p.m. EST, and my commentary will be shortly before the end of the program. You should listen to the whole kit and caboodle, though, because the show is quite good, and Our Fabulous Host will be interviewing Susan Coll, author of Rockville Pike, and my 4 minutes of commentary ramble connects to all that Pikey wonderfulness.

All the finest people listen to WAMU.

In the DC area, listen on 88.5 FM.

Online, listen live here.

The show will be archived online about an hour after broadcast, so you can listen to it at your leisure.

Actually, it was a late-night email discussion of Rockville Pike and other metro area funkiness that lead to my happy little radio gig. So, let's hear it for the Pike! Whoo-hoo! Perhaps I will head there now and forage for food...

Scenic Rockville Pike.
Live it. Love it.


Anonymous said...

Nice work (and beautiful voice) as always, Merujo!

The stripmall cremation office I think could be freakier, like say if it were next to a KFC, so when you were wandering outside sniffing the air, you'd always be wondering whether that's chicken... ;-)

/window seat please.

Merujo said...

Oh, never fear - El Pollo Primo (Mexican chicken) is just a couple of doors down...