Sunday, August 21, 2005

Pervy Searches, the Sequel

(Oh, I do love StatCounter.)

I'd like to thank the horny guy in Amman, Jordan who dropped by today after his Yahoo! search for "women naked in Jordan" led him (poor bastard) to my posts about: 1)Nukehavistan, 2)Wigstock and Robot Chicken, and 3)my nephew's wedding.

After that particular tour through my mind, I figure there's now a seriously sexually frustrated dude in Amman who not only still needs some nekkid pictures of women, but also is very, very confused about American culture...

So, al salaam a'alaykum, babycakes. Welcome to my nightmare. I doubt it was the content you were expecting.

Gay Batman art gallery updates? Sure thing!

Naked Middle Eastern chicks? Sorry, bub.

I'm sure that's a huge disappointment...


Anonymous said...

This is wny I don't have sitemeter or statcounter or any of that!

Merujo said...

Considering the things I'm finding, I do believe you have made a fine choice, Naiah - and a less unsettling one, too.

Anonymous said...


Ah... the sea of humanity that is being washed up onto your shores!

Really, it's all just too interesting. Personally, I wouldn't be able to stop reading the statcounter... but you know what they say about curiosity :)


PS: Everytime I type in the word verification letters, I wonder whether any of these are actual yiddish words...LOL

suze said...

i love my stat counter. hours of endless entertainment :) although i have yet to get freaky sexual hits like yours (must get to writing more questionable content i suppose *grin*)

Anonymous said...

"Naked Middle Eastern chicks? Sorry, bub.

I'm sure that's a huge disappointment.."

For some, it's a huge relief. ;-)