Monday, August 08, 2005

Some things work out, some things don't

The job offer did not work out.

That's okay. (insert big sigh here...)

Time to get back on the horse.

Here is the text of an actual e-mail I received today. The only thing I've altered is the name of the company. Would you want to work for a company that can't be bothered to spell or grammar check recruiting messages?

"We have an opening for a PM and I think you are excellent for you the job. We would love to interview you as soon as possible. What is your status? What is your salary requirement? Please visit our website and view the position of Program Manager. ( Please complete the included forms and let plan to get you in for an interview this week."

Yes, let plan that, indeed.


suze said...

oh man...i'm so sorry the job didn't work out :( :( :(

my fingers are crossed for you. hopefully a job will come along from those whose grammar is praiseworthy...

Merujo said...

Thanks mucho, Suze.

It's okay, really. Well, except for the abject poverty thing. :-)

Things *will* get better.

Anonymous said...

No, I wouldn't want to work for them but they really do need someone who can at least use a spelling and grammar checker.

A "Send" button is not for first drafts!

Sorry about the job sucky stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think you made the correct decision... I really trust your intuition one this one.


Merujo said...

Thanks for the good words, folks. Things will work out as they are meant to. I'm feeling fairly zen about things right now.

Color me the Karma Chameleon. :-)