Wednesday, October 26, 2005

And now, a movie review from the Sasquatch

I know it's shocking, but the Sasquatch speaks from time to time. Now is one of those times:

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This is only the second movie I've willingly walked out of. The first was "Shanghai Surprise"... "Mirrormask" was pretty, but, great googly moogly, it was going nowhere fast.


gonzomantis said...

Nice review, yet not quite as succinct as the famous 4 word review, "They Live, they suck."

suze said...

dude, that makes me sad, because i heart neil gaiman...

Merujo said...

Gonzo, my boy - NOTHING can ever compare with "they suck." I love that story!

Suze, it made me sad, too. We really wanted to like this movie, and we'd been discussing going to see it for a couple of weeks. It was visually stunning, but the story just meandered to the point of utter frustration.

I found myself thinking that, had I found this on some cable tv channel, I wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes. Plus, I feel a bit bad, as a friend of Neil Gaiman's sometimes reads my blog. I'm afraid I may have alienated one reader... :-(

But really, when something this beautiful is dull and tedious, something is way wrong.