Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bad career moves

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Caro dio! Questa pellicola era horrible.


Claire said...

Oh man... that's just... I'm at a loss. I have no recollection of that film coming out either. They must've been trying for that teen boy demographic in addition to the 18-34 crowd. Sandra jumped at a chance to work with Liam, and Liam wanted to delve into comedy. How misguided they were!

Vecordious One said...

Shocked & Stunned...

Sandra, Sandra, what were you thinking?

I can't believe this was as recent as 2000... some dog movies are forgivable in the early years, but, huh? Why after both actors have achieved success?

I don't know, maybe this explains why Sandra Bullock found true love in the arms of Jesse James, the motorcycle dude.

Priceless gem there... Both the movie and the hubby...

PS: I love your voice!