Saturday, October 08, 2005

Recent Random Photos

Not feeling particularly creative tonight - I think the weather is encouraging a massive headache spike here at Chez Merde. So, instead of tapping away random words, I give you a handful of Recent Random Pictures. Enjoy.

My nephew's cruiser after a near head-on collision with a drunk driver

The weird sign outside the "Hot Dog Hut" near Wilmington, Delaware

Crisp and Juicy - a Central American chicken joint a couple of miles up the road from me. (I dig neon signs.)

Seen in traffic in Rockville on Friday. Love it.


suze said...

the "n'chips" in the fishy is fantastic. makes me want a fishy for my car for the first time EVER.

Merujo said...

It's here, along with some other great ones - I like the "Gefilte Fish" and, for my Scandahooligan friends, the "Lutefisk" fishy. Hee.