Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuckered Puppy Update

I am badly in need of sleep, and I'll post more tomorrow, but I've had a couple of really nice days. The lovely Scandahoovian took the Sasquatch and me out for a kick-ass rib feast on Sunday night (she is a goddess, truly.) And, after a day of recovery, today the Scandahoovian and I ventured to the outlet-mania of Arundel Mills, which is perhaps the ugliest outlet mall in America. It looks like the set designer from a John Hughes film, circa 1985, got sick and vomited up the most garish assortment of structures ever. Plus, inexplicably, it has a massive Egyptian temple facade at one end, at the entrance to the 24-screen movie theater.

Anubis welcomes you to the Arundel Mills cinemas!
Be sure to tithe to the dark god of the afterlife at the snack bar!
(Photo snarfed from someone else's blog - I'm glad I'm not the only person
who finds Anubis an odd greeter for a shopping mall movie theater...)

And, to wrap up the day, the Sasquatch, the Scandahoovian, and I headed to the fabulous Birchmere to hear the amazing Michael Penn perform. More on that tomorrow, but suffice it to say, the small, but happy crowd ate up every note, and MP personally freed me from my guilt over posting his "Walter Reed" video to my blog. I told him I felt like an ass and he wrote "DON'T WORRY" on my cd booklet for "Resigned." Most excellent.

G'night, y'all. Sleep well, wherever you are. (Unless you are my friend Paul, and you are probably at work right now, in the kangaroo-infested hallways of your place of employment, and, in your case - go take a coffee break, man! And wave at the Crocodile Hunter for me when you leave work, okay?)


paulnojustpaul said...

You got it, M. :-)

Cyn said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your concert experience -- although I'm expecting the show was just as stellar as the one I enjoyed last week (although you'll probably do a better job of describing it than I did!)

I'm glad you found the courage to approach MP. Isn't it nice to be freed from your Walter Reed guilt? (Not that you deserved to feel guilty in the first place.)

Washington Cube said...

I once went to Arundel Mills with a friend to see a Will Farrell movie. It creeped me out so much (the mall), that I swore I'd never go near it again. Temple of Mammon, indeed. And those Temple columns? Fiberglass.

Merujo said...

Snarf is one of my favorite verbs ever, ever, ever. Use it often and in good health!