Sunday, January 29, 2006

48 Hours in L.A.

I'm back! 6,000 miles, 48 hours, and 1 Uzbek lunch later, I'm in DC, the surliest city in America.

I have much to tell, but I'm totally wiped right now. My feet are still recovering from 6 hours of standing at House of Blues, and my brain is still dealing with being on the Pacific yesterday and the Potomac today.

Some highlights of the trip:
  • Thomas Dolby - the gig was awesome, Thomas was a delight, and it was great to see some friends for the first time in years, and, in some cases, for the first time at all

  • Breakfast with Javi! (Javi, you are pretty dang cool - and thanks for breakfast and the great conversation!!)

  • Gonzomantis spots a celebrity (who then scowled at me), film at 11!

  • Watching the goopy bubbles rise and pop at the La Brea Tar Pits

  • Venice Beach in January - and the nut who, of course, decides to converse with me on the pier

  • Our attempt to visit the Griffith Park Observatory (helps to read the website in advance...)

  • The "Real or Fake" game

  • The couple in the hotel room next door to mine, debating who got to carry the gun on their day in L.A.
There's much more to be said, but I'm a tuckered puppy right now. It's 9:48, and my goal is to be in bed by 10.

It was a great weekend. Lots of laughing. Lots of fun. There are so many things I wanted to see and do, but there simply wasn't the time.

Next time. Yes, indeedy.

Meaty post to come...


suze said...

wow - that is a wild and crazy weekend. glad you had fun...i can't wait to hear all the stories!

Washington Cube said...

I'm jealous. Waiting for the real update.

Claire said...

Dude, my apologies about the observatory. That's freakin' ridiculous! It's already been closed over a year and a half (maybe 2) and it was supposed to be reopened sometime last year. I love that place- it pains me that it's been closed for so long even when I'm not out there anymore.

Still, sounds like you had a blast and I look forward to hearing more.