Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I had to remove one of my t-shirt slogans because... well... I never proofread and I wrote up one of them with the most bizarre and incorrect grammar ever. I was appalled. Good thing I squandered my English Department scholarship on a Russian Studies degree, huh?

It's one thing to leave a typo in a post. It's another to have turned the typo into a JPEG and posted it. What a dork!

Hanging my head in linguistic shame...


Spencer said...

I'm sorry I missed it :)

Merujo said...

It was pretty embarrassing! What a bonehead!

I is the smartest blogger ever. (Not.)

alwswrite said...

That's it, you're off my blogroll ;)

Spencer said...

That is funny in an ironic sort of way. Sure you weren't going for irony?

Merujo said...

I wish I had been. I think it was just a matter of being dead tired - my eyes saw something perfectly fine. Yesterday morning, however, it was a different matter.

What I meant to write was: "If I'm on the steamtrain to Hell, I might as well ride first class!"

Instead, what I wrote was "If I'm on the steamtrain to Hell, I'll must as well ride first class!" WTF?!?!?

(I don't mind recreating my brain fart in the comments. Less embarrassing here...)

Merujo said...

I just realized you kindly thought I'd written "I is the smartest blogger ever." Oh, I only wish I had!!

suze said...

i like "i is the smartest blogger".

i think that should be your slogan! ;)

Spencer said...

You now own that slogan - it's yours!

Use it carefully.

Seriously - I wish I even had any hopes of not sounding like a moron with some of the stuff I write.

You're actually good at this.