Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hippity Hoppity

In looking for Easter images this morning, I discovered that Rhino Records has a website with great moments in rock 'n' roll, recreated with Peeps. Very cute, except for this disturbing tableau:

Yes, it's the death of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper, all in festive holiday colors. Please note that the plane has crashed into shredded Easter grass.


For my friends outside of North America, a "Peep" is a marshmallow, shaped like a chick (or a bunny), brightly colored, and most frequently seen for sale around Easter. However, these festive balls of sugary crap are actually a year round phenomenon. Peeps are made by a company called Just Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. (I'll let y'all go all Dan Brown on that one.) Peeps have their own website (which is much perkier than Dan Brown's page.)

I will admit that, in my sadistic past, I have put more than one Peep in the microwave to see how big it would get on high heat before imploding. My high school boyfriend liked nuking Peeps and then basically turning them into taffy. Then again, he also knit his own Dr. Who scarf. (Reminder, girls: if your high school boyfriend is knitting his own Dr. Who scarf, he may not be straight. Take it from me.)

Hmmm... somehow I managed to go from Easter to dead rock stars to biblical conspiracy theory to gay boyfriends.

How does she do it, folks?

Considering that it is a holy day, maybe I should offer a palate cleanser, no?

Happy Easter to my peeps. And a blessed Passover, too.

Remember - Cadbury eggs will be half price at CVS tomorrow. Sugar shock at work! Whoo-hoo!

Shalom, y'all! Peace out.


Washington Cube said...

I've done a lot of things with Peeps and blogged about it. I even bought a package to sit on for a few weeks, while I figure out what to do with them. My favorite thing is to blow them up in the microwave. One day, I avow to tour the Peeps factory.

Claire said...

I was about to defend the Dr. Who scarf (cuz hell, I wanted one when I was a kid), but then it sunk in: right, not so much the scarf, but the knitting... lol.

Merujo said...

Cubette - if you tour the factory someday, you must take photos!! What a scream that would be. I remember as a very little kid in New Jersey, we'd go to Hershey once a year. Back then, you actually got to tour the real-deal factory. None of this "World of Chocolate" crap. You were right out on the line, staring down into vats of chocolate from a catwalk. Ah, the heady pre-safety, pre-lawsuit days...

Claire - he did a damn fine job of knitting that sucker. :-)

Holy crow, Beth! That is SO decadent!! I will have to tell the Sasquatch. He might want to give that a try. BTW, I *so* wish you could be here for one of the Dolby gigs - I'll be thinking of you.

Sudiegirl said...

I think you shold stage the following Peep tableaus for next year's Easter/Hannukah hijinks:

1. John Belushi's OD at the Chateau Marmont

2. Sally Field accepting her 2nd oscar (You really like me!)

3. John and Lorena Bobbit's unfortunate domestic squabble

4. If you really wanna be sick, the Tate/Lo Bianco murders.