Saturday, April 08, 2006


I've discovered that, as I get older, my desire to sleep in on rainy days has increased dramatically. This morning, it's pouring outside, and I'd just like to stay in bed, frankly. But I can't. I have a pile of things to do, and I'm going in to my office. I kept slapping the snooze button for an hour, but some adult sense of order finally got my rump up and moving.

Of course, it might have been easier to get up had I not found an Erasure concert playing on cable at 1 this morning. (God bless Logo, the gay & lesbian-focused cable channel - it's one of the best things to happen on TV for fat, straight women!) I finally drifted off around 2:30, but it's funny - I was still tapping my feet and muttering lyrics as I closed my eyes. Love, love, love those guys. Unfortunately, they're not playing DC on their upcoming acoustic tour, and there are no pennies in the sofa to cover a trek to New York, the nearest gig.

That's okay - They Might Be Giants at 9:30 is just a few days away, and then Dolby-fest 2006 begins just a handful of days after that.

By the way, if you're in DC and want to hear Thomas Dolby play, there are still some tickets available for his performances at Rams Head in Annapolis and the Birchmere in Alexandria, but not many! Thomas has a blog now, by the way, so I have yet another reading addiction. His dates across the country are filling up rather quickly, by the way. If you're a fan, you really should go if he's coming to your town. You will not be disappointed. Just don't be the idiot who yells "SCIENCE!" all night. Please.

Okay, gotta take a quick shower, get some papers together and get moving. Much to do, much to do...


Scholiast said...

Oh, I love Erasure! Remember going into HMV in London (a big one) looking for something or other, but they were airing Erasure where I walked past so I ended up buying that instead. No regrets :)

Claire said...

I dig Erasure too. :]