Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June the 6th

62 years ago today, my Uncle Jack died at St. Mère Église during the D-Day invasion.

20 years ago today, my father died.

And today is my brother’s memorial gathering.

All things considered, I'll pass on the opening day of The Omen remake, thanks.

On a happier note, 38 years ago today my dear, sweet pal the Sasquatch was born. (Don’t worry - we’ve checked his scalp. No sixes anywhere.)

Happy birthday, beloved friend. May your day be joyful.


Cyn said...

Thinking of you today...

Mary A Brown said...

Hey Sasquatch, if you're reading this - Happy Birthday, and thanks for being such a good friend to Merujo!

Sasquatch said...

How many times do I have to tell that they're NINES!

alwswrite said...

Hugs on top of hugs.