Friday, August 04, 2006

Birthday girls

Today is the birthday of two of my sisters. Nope, they're not twins - just born a few years apart on the same day. Weird, huh? One is my sister Nurse Rachet and the other is my sister, the Cheese Head. You haven't heard about the Cheese Head before, as we rarely communicate. Which is okay. With nine children in one family, the likelihood that everyone is going to be best buddies is somewhere in the neighborhood of "slim to none." It doesn't mean I don't love my sister. We're just not going to be taking long road trips together anytime soon.

Today the Cheese Head turns 50, and I hope she enjoys this milestone birthday. May it be a good one, surrounded by friends and much love.

As for Nurse Rachet - how could she not have a good birthday, sweltering in that fabulous Midwestern heat? She'll probably spend it as she does most, attentively caring for patients with dire health conditions, trying to keep her children from killing each other, and avoiding the ankle-pecking roosters at the Rachet Chicken Farm. Ah yes, Nurse Rachet knows how to party!

Happy birthday, ladies.

With love,

Your sister


Claire said...

hey, it's my bro's bday today too. Happy birthday all!

Elizabeth cheesecake Montgomery said...

I had a wonderful birthday........17.5 hours of hilarious ventilator funnies and elevated cardiac enzymes, chest pain and sobbing family members. I know you are jealous, but there is only so much of this fun shit to spread around. As for the ankle pecking roosters..........they will be thinned out. Seems as though the Turkens (half chicken half turkey) are a very aggressive lot, probably from the constant ridiculing from the other chickens because of thier rather ugly appearance.
More on this sad business later.