Wednesday, August 30, 2006

eBay for the eYeball: Round Two

I've added my massive Magritte-inspired "Close But No Cigar" Dolby poster up on eBay. This sucker is more than 3 feet wide and an inch shy of 5 feet long. It is pretty damn cool.

I will be adding a piece of Sovietica to my eBay auctions tonight, too. My Soviet pay phone sign. I bought it on the street in Moscow years ago. I assume that just hours or minutes before I bought it, it either fell off a building or was wrenched off a wall. Either way, I've enjoyed having it next to my phone at home. But now, it's time for it to move on and look all cool and vintage in someone else's home, in a delightfully half-assed, product of craptacular workmanship, slightly rusted Soviet way.

From a graphic design standpoint, I adore it this piece of enameled metal. And I will miss it. It is so Moscow to me.

Man, I love my dumb stuff even more than I ever thought.


Scholiast said...

That's so sad, having to sell these things! I wish I could just buy them and keep them safe for you until further notice.. Let's just hope they find a nice home!

Cyn said...

Cool stuff. If I didn't already have a house close to exploding with such artifacts I'd be bidding. Oh yeah, I don't have the money to bid either...

Hope your auctions go well. Next month I'm scheduled to put some Hummels on ebay for my sister-in-law. For a measly ten bucks or so commission per piece I have had to immerse myself in all things Hummel. I'm a freakin' Hummel expert at this point. I have effectively sold my soul to the gods of bad taste.

So, you see, things could be worse.