Monday, August 21, 2006

Photo Booth Fun and New Blog Feature

Okay, kids,

I've mentioned before how much I love photo booths. Unfortunately, they are becoming more and more rare, like jackalopes and fur-bearing trout. But the other day, much to my delight, I happened to drive past one in downtown DC! It's on 20th Street NW, just shy of the intersection with I Street. It's a color photo booth, next door to a florist-cum-convenience shop and a fortune-telling booth. $5 for a strip of 4 totally washed out, strangely artistic shots. My glamour shots are posted at left. I look like Joe Strummer in the first one. Thanks, frizzy hair!

Now, here's a challenge for y'all: find your nearest photo booth and have a strip of photos taken. Post them to your blog and then leave a comment here with a link, so we can see you in your automated glory. If your nearest known photobooth isn't on the locator (the link above), be sure to send it to the site, so they can add it to their list!

This is also my chance to tell you I'm going to start a new feature here: random travel photos. I spent a good chunk of the last twenty years overseas, and I have box after box of travel photos. Most of them, to be honest, suck. And, they are all pre-digital photography. This means scanning haphazardly when I have free time, so it will be random photography at random intervals. All for your entertainment!

My first post will be "Bad London Haircuts of 1986-87." Man, I loved living in the UK, but, dear god, I got some crappy haircuts that year. I can assure you, you will agree...


Sasquatch said...

Here you go. Have fun.

Washington Cube said...

I have boxes of photographs waiting to be organized. Given my anal propensities, I'm amazed I've ignored them. Maybe you'll inspire me.

Janet Kincaid said...

Does using the software, "PhotoBooth", on my in MacBook count? If so, here's the address to follow:

(I can't figure out how to get blogger to give me a hyperlink. Obviously, I need an HTML tutorial. Hm. Perhaps the iLife Suite has that...)

Reya Mellicker said...

Love your haircut.

Oh yeah I'll find a booth. Great idea!

Heather Meadows said...

There seems to be no photo booth in Georgia-Carolina (or, as our weather guy calls it, "the two-state").

But maybe there is and that site just doesn't know it.

I will keep a lookout.

Can't wait to see your travel photos!

Claire said...

Cool pics. I really like the color combo of the background and your shirt.

I'm looking forward to your travel pics as they come along.

gonzomantis said...

No photo booth fun for me yet, only nostalgia.