Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Radio, Radio: the Really Cool Aviatrix Edition!

I'll be back on the radio this Friday, August 11 with another NPR commentary. As usual, my piece will be the wrap-up on WAMU's Metro Connection show, around 1:50 p.m. EST. You can listen live in the DC area at 88.5 FM or online at wamu.org. About an hour after the original broadcast, the show will be archived on WAMU's site, and you can find it at your leisure in the Metro Connection archives. (Also at metroconnection.org...)

If you haven't heard any of my Metro Connection commentaries before, they all feature some local flavor for the DC area. This time, I'll be talking about my mom being a WASP as an introduction to the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington Cemetery. If you're swinging through DC, consider a stop at the memorial - you can look up my mom in the memorial's Register! (Wow, this is a link-a-licious entry, huh?)

As always, thanks for listening. Hope you enjoy the show! And congrats to David, who normally hosts the show and is responsible for/guilty of putting me on the air in the first place. He's off for a couple of weeks to enjoy being a dad to a brand-spankin' new baby boy. Enjoy your time with the kiddo, David!


Washington Cube said...

This is excellent news, indeed after such a rotten time.

spocko said...

Hey YOU GOT MAIL from me. Be sure to check it out.

Washington Cube said...

I wrote you in email, but you may not have gotten it. I need for you to write me at washingtoncube@aol.com and tell me what you know about BlogHer. I was thinking of joining, but I need some questions answered in terms of what identity to use and setting up an account and joining it with our blogs on Blogger.com...well...you get the drift. Any feedback would be appreciated.

radiocynic said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Just heard the archive of your commentary. Really nice writing and delivery, and really nice nutshell teaching about a subject that I, like so many, was only aware of cursorily.

Perfect example of what I, even after all my radio-jadedness, still love about public radio.

Great job.

Spencer said...

Can't belive I've never listened. I'm all caught up now. You're very good - you've got the perfect NPR voice.

And maybe we'll risk your ridicule of tourist to come down and see the memorial.

Loracs said...

Your commentary makes me wish I could sit down, have lunch with your mom and listen to her stories.
Thank you.