Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Random Travel Photos: Bad London Haircuts of 1986-87

I attended the London School of Economics and Political Science for a year back in the mid-80s. Ah, Thatcher's Britain! The waning years of the true punk movement! The never-ending 24/7 anti-apartheid protest at the South African Embassy. Nights at tiny clubs listening to new bands that would make it big (like Erasure) and bands that would vanish overnight... Oh yeah - and the studying. I really did study hard. But I drank a lot of cider, too. Killed more than one brain cell.

The death of my brain cells might explain some of my haircut choices over that year. All were short, some of them dyed (I'd just started to go grey - eek), and at least one of them - courtesy of some asshole at the Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy - that was vile. Truly, truly vile.

I'll let you guess which one that was...

So many ID photos... seriously, being a student is almost as bad
as living in the Soviet Union. May I see your papers?

I look possessed. That's almost a Danny Elfman smile.
And I'm drinking cider. Probably to help me forget the haircut.
(Basement pub at Passfield Hall, London)

Oy. Red hornrims, butchy hair, giant hoop earrings, and a winter coat
with shoulder pads. Shudder. Well, at least the parrot is pretty.
(Portobello Road, London)

Dear god, who let me spray a whole bottle of Sun-In on my head?
No, seriously - someone should have stopped me!
(Somewhere in Wales)

The only excuse I have for ANYTHING in this picture is that it was the 80s... the skinny vintage tie, the overdone makeup, the braided bracelet, the giant hoops, the NHS wirerims, and the Madonna scarf in my hair. The black jumper (that I made) and the crisp white shirt make me look like I should be taking your order at the Cheesecake Factory. What you can't see are my fake leopardskin boots - there were matching earrings at one point...
(Once again, down at the basement pub at Passfield Hall)

There are days when it's hot and stinky and humid and miserable here when I miss my 80s hair, but I think I'd look even freakier with the buzzcut these days. And I'm not gonna run out and test drive that theory any time soon.


Spencer said...

God bless you for posting 80's photos of yourself.

I will not be doing the same.

suze said...

ahh the 80s.

you are a brave woman, posting those pictures. :)

Heather Meadows said...

Portobello Road, Portobello Road...street where the riches of ages are stowed!

Did you find half of a magic book?

Oh, and: nice hair.

Scholiast said...

You look quite like me at the same time.. My hair was yellow at some point, I'm still smiling away in the photos! The courage...

Reya Mellicker said...

You're so cute! Also need to say, bad haircuts are never a decision. But it happens to all of us in spite of our best intentions, all too often.

Washington Cube said...

My hair hasn't changed that much over time, only it's "not as long" as ...back in the day.

Shafa said...


Janet Kincaid said...

It was the 80s. We all looked like that. I had big, short hair and wore skinny ties. Just think of it as your Howard Jones meets Madonna phase or something...

Claire said...

It was the 80s. I think we should all get a pass for that decade. In fact, you get cool points both for sharing those pics and because they were all taken abroad.

Uncle Mike said...

Thanks for posting the pics Merujo....loved your comment on the TD site about the good and evil uses of Youtube....I laughed out loud.

I guess it was gutsy of Thomas to post the pictures of his 80s sock garters....but it still gives me the willies.

Cyn said...

My dear Merujo,

Your 80's photos have nothing on mine -- which not only feature the Madonna head wrap but also hair big enough to swallow an entire city.

My kids had a "decades" day at camp last month and my one daughter dressed entirely in authentic 80's vintage clothing that I had put away for exactly this kind of thing (Yes, my house is a total packrat nightmare.)

The other daughter wore a dashiki that my mother had saved from the 70's (So, yeah, it runs in the family.)

Anyway, fun post!