Friday, August 18, 2006

What I learned today...

It'll be $650, not $500 every 3-4 weeks for the eye injections, tests, and photos, etc. Oh joy!

Somebody shoot me now...

My kingdom for a winning lottery ticket! I guess this is finally the weekend when I start putting my stuff up for auction on eBay, starting with my vintage Thomas Dolby posters. Sigh. Ah well!

In the end, they are only things. Things can be replaced. Vision, on the other hand, can't.

I know I shouldn't complain. It really is a miracle that the docs can do anything at all to try to save my sight. I'm just really worried about making ends meet in the middle of this muddle. I actually lost it at work today. Sat with my office with the door closed and just cried and cried - it was a combination of being overtired, constantly worried, and really nauseated from the pressure behind the eye. Oof. I hate being a weenie at work. I really don't want my colleagues to see me lose my cool, although they are all very, very kind.

A little bit of good karma did come my way after work tonight, though. I needed new shoes, as my old reliable black walkers are dying a horrible death and require a speedy Christian burial in a Hefty bag. Miraculously -especially since I have incredibly wide tootsies - I found a pair of $140 Italian "comfort shoes" (really trendy suckers, too) marked down to $19 at an upscale Bethesda shoe emporium I couldn't possibly afford even in my best financial times. So, thank you, Shoe Fairy! I owe ya one, big time!!

Yin... yang... I can't afford rent next month, but at least I have new, incredibly inexpensive shoes. (So, har dee har har - at least I'll be able to walk to work if I can't afford gas!)

Ah, gallows humor. What would I do without ye?


Loracs said...

Holy Shit!

Eyeball Shot - $50
Eyeball Shot accoutrements - $600

Merujo said...

Amen, mah sistah.

suze said...


i'm sending you good lottery=winning vibes.

oh how i wish for you americans universal health care...

spocko said...

That sucks. The medical system is out of control especially when you are "out of program" I looked at the bill for some drugs the other day 250 bucks! I only had to pay 20.

If we had universal health care you would actually see an explosion of small business starting up. Think about all the people who are in jobs for "the benefits" even if they are not really benefiting that much from the job.