Thursday, September 07, 2006

Random Things for Thursday...

Random Things, in no particular order:

The world premiere of the new Kevin Costner/Ashton Kutcher movie is taking place tonight at The Uptown. I wonder if they called in the exterminators to shoo away the rats for this evening. (I haven't been back to The Uptown since I found a rat eating my popcorn and another at my feet during a matinee of "Return of the King"...) One of my colleagues suggested that the world premiere is happening in DC because New York and L.A. crowds would have laughed their asses off at a Costner/Kutcher red carpet extravanganza. I think she has a point. A very good one.

This morning, in the lobby at work, I encountered an actor/director I knew briefly in college (we overlapped one year and hung out in the theater department, being drama geeks.) I could not remember his first name for the life of me. Pathetically, I remembered the name of a character he played on a hospital drama back in the 90s. Lame. I need to eat more fish. (Omega-3 brainpower, kids - don't underestimate it!) I had to go look up his first name on the IMDB afterwards. In scrolling through, I found out his college roommate is the basis for one of characters on HBO's "Entourage." After scratching my head a while, I vaguely remember him. I probably I went out underage drinking with him back in the day in Minnesota.

I have to leave work early today to fetch the vial of eye drugs for tomorrow's injection. It's at a specialized pharmacy that handles all sorts of "exotic" medications. Wow, I'm "exotic." Or, at least, my retina is. I'll be glad to depart early today, as there is a huge immigration rights rally planned on the Mall. 500,000+ people anticipated. I will hopefully miss the traffic jams. That may sound very shallow, but it's a matter of needing to get to this apothecary shop (yeah, it's actually called an "apothecary" rather than a pharmacy) before it closes. Otherwise, I'm SOL for tomorrow morning's inject-a-rama.

I've sold two of my very favorite Dolby posters on eBay so far. I'm delighted that they've both gone to very good homes, where they will be enjoyed and admired. My poster from Dolby's 1984 concert at the Greek Theatre in L.A. goes up tonight. I'll also be adding my Soviet submarine clock and this utterly retro 1980s Czech espresso set I bought in Prague back in the day. It's never felt the joyful touch of coffee, so I hope it goes to a nice java junkie household where it will see much service.

Soon, I'll have my CafePress store up and running. The Sasquatch has been helping me with design issues, cleaning up my sketches in Illustrator and colorizing them. Can't wait to show them to y'all! I have to copyright my images first. It's $45 a pop to copyright stuff. Yikes! Ah well! It's worth it in the end. After all, I'd be heartbroken to discover someone stealing my sex weasel designs... (heh)

David Simon, creator of Homicide: Life on the Street and The Wire, will be at Politics & Prose on Saturday night. I'll be going to listen to him talk and have him sign a book for my boss. Homicide is still the best damn show on television, even if it's been off the air for years. Man, I miss Frank Pembleton. I miss hanging out in Fells Point, watching them film. Ah, the old days...

I won't be posting again for a couple of days. Nothing like an eyeball injection to reduce the allure of the glowing computer screen...

Have a good weekend, folks!


spocko said...

Take care. Dan's work on the Wire is breathtaking.

Ask him about his favorite funny scene in the Wire.

Claire said...

nothing shallow about thinking traffic jams suck no matter the reason, imho.

good luck with the apothecary and I hope you have a good weekend despite the shot.

Anonymous said...

hope all goes well and that you have a good weekend nonetheless.