Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm such a geek

I'm making an iTunes playlist to listen to on my drive to work. It's a mix of stuff from the 60s, 70s, 80s and today. Yes, that sounds like the overused tagline for a radio station, so sue me.

I've just put "Xanadu" in the mix. Yes, that Xanadu - the theme song to the movie that made me want to be coordinated enough to rollerskate and wear legwarmers and lots of Qiana. The same movie that combined Olivia Newton-John, ELO, Gene Kelly, and The Tubes. And roller skates.

Holy shit, someone must have been taking hits of acid when they came up with that.

And yet, I'm a terrible sucker for that soundtrack.

So, if you see some fat idiot singing along with Olivia Newton-John in her car at 8 in the morning on Wisconsin Avenue, that's me.

And I think it's time to add some Duran Duran to the mix.

God bless the iPod. Happy 5th birthday you little money-sucking "necessity" of the modern age.


Scholiast said...

You know limewire will give you the same songs for free, right? (And is compatible with iTunes..) You're just not wanting to add "prison spell" to the trifacta (making it quadfacta?) list... How angelic of you, dear :)

kristen said...

i'm glad there is someone else out there who can appreciate xanadu. i've got the theme song secretly stored away on my ipod, and i play it when i need a surge of unadulterated cheesy joy. as a rollerskater from way back (with several wrist fractures along the way to illustrate my devotion), i loved that movie and could only aspire to follow in their footsteps and open up my own rollerskating nightclub. the music was great, the vague the outfits were audacious, and what a great cast! ONJ, Gene Kelly, and the hot dude from The Warriors all roller boogeying about...priceless. i need to own that on dvd.

spocko said...

I love Musicals. (I love musicals, I cook, sew, and can talk about my feelings. A gay friend of mine said "How did we miss you? Someone is falling done on the job in recruiting!"

My favorite Gene Kelley movie is of course Singing in the Rain, but after Xanadu I went and bought a pair of roller skates. This was in the mid west in the 1980's! Not cool. But I loved them!

One of my first Albums? Godspell.

And I remember when the rumor was that Olivia Newton John was gay I was just crushed and then I though, "Yeah, like I had a shot!"

Heather Meadows said...

I have never seen Xanadu, but the themesong is awesome. A remix was included in one of the DDR "soundtracks".

Sudiegirl said...

I support the Duran Duran thing way more than Xanadu.

I remember my 2nd hubby nagged and nagged to check Xanadu out of the library. We finally watched it, and he was coming down with the flu that day. In the roller disco scene, he went into the bathroom and hurled twice.

Growl...and I still had to sit through it because I had a fever and felt like crap (but not nauseous).

Cyn said...

First of all, thanks (she says sarcastically) for making Xanadu the soundtrack of my entire day.

Man, I was a huge Olivia N-J fan - in fact, I think I'm still working on achieving the hairdo she sports in the bottom photo.

And one of the great joys of parenthood is that I can skate with my kids at the local rink under the pretense of "making sure they're o.k." (even as my supervision is largely manifested as a blur speeding past them.) On quads not roller blades, of course, for that true late 70's-early 80's vibe.

Liseysmom said...

I loooooved Xanadu. I still have the vinyl album AND the movie AND the soundtrack. I listened to that record over and over and over again. Glad to know others out there appreciate its cheesy goodness.