Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cold Turkey

A coastal storm, coming in from the Atlantic, has covered us in a bone-chilling rain today. I'm not fond of cold downpours - I have trouble staying warm in this weather, and, hours after being out and about, my hands and feet are still icy. But it was worth heading out today. I had a very nice lunch hour, indeed, with the Lovely Scandahoovian, right hand woman of the Sasquatch. After a brief stop at the Royal Norwegian Embassy (right across from the U.S. Naval Observatory, temporary home of Satan's Little Minion), we had an excellent late lunch at 2 Amys. If you haven't tried 2 Amys, you should. The Neopolitan-style pizza is damn tasty, with wonderful chewy crust. I had the "Norcia" pizza with thin slices of salami, sweet red pepper and yummy mozzarella. Nice. We split this wonderful appetizer called suppli a telefono - deep fried risotto balls filled with fresh buffalo mozzarella. Mighty fine on a cold November afternoon.

Along with treating me to this lovely lunch - and some fine conversation - my Norwegian connection gave me a rockin' gift - a live Röyksopp CD, fresh off the plane from Norway, complete with a really funky version of "Remind Me" (aka, the GEICO Caveman Song - and, holy crow, I get a pile of hits every day lately with folks looking for that tune! I think I know just about every variation of search for it at this point.)

Röyksopp in da house! Yeah, we bad!
Straight outta Bergen, yo!

And now, it's already 1:15 in the morning on Thanksgiving. I have no plans for the holiday, other than maybe taking in a movie. There is no turkey in the fridge, no stuffing or green bean casserole to be cooked. I will see what reasonably priced cafes might be open along the Pike and find a quiet meal for myself. But that stuff really doesn't matter in the big picture.

What matters is that I am grateful this year.

Grateful for continued vision.

Grateful to be employed.

Grateful for the support of family.

Grateful for the love of friends.

Grateful for each and every one of you out here.

I cannot but with good thoughts and warmth repay you all for your kind words and contributions and bolstering through a difficult season.

I am, simply, grateful.

May you have a fine holiday.

And, because I am a massive juvenile at heart... have a hand turkey:

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

awesome turkey lady :) simply awesome.

Happy American Thanksgiving. I hope you have a peaceful day. Up here in the great (not yet)White north, we're missing out on the celebrations, but I'm with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Hand turkeys rawk.

We're thankful for you, kid.

Loracs said...

Happy Giving of Thanks Day to You Too!

Now see what you've started, I'm feeling this urge to dig out my crayolas and make my own giant hand turkey.

Janet Kincaid said...

Happy T-Day, Merujo! In the spirit of gratitude, I'm thankful for you and your fabulous writing and your generosity of spirit and your tenacity. You're an inspiration to us all!

Claire said...

happy turkey day to you too! I like your turkey hand very much.

Scholiast said...

And I'm very proud of all the Norwegian stuff you've got going.. Röyksopp is quite something - but I'm not sure why you're saying ..outta Bergen? They were from Tromsø last time I checked ;)

Merujo said...

Ah! I got the Bergen info from Wikipedia, but that wouldn't be the first time Wiki was way wrong!! :-)