Saturday, November 18, 2006

Seen the Doctor

Yesterday was Festival of Medical Care Day - dentist, eye guy, pick up repaired eyeglasses, drink a ton of water to wash out the dye from my system... (The dye they inject to do photos of my eye is very hard on the kidneys, and it makes you pee neon colors for days. This morning, I have achy kidneys. Yuck. Ouch.)

The technician at the eye clinic burned me a disc of photos of my eye. Unfortunately, he saved them in "standard format" which he thought was .jpg, but, in fact, is some proprietory software format that can only be opened if you have the uber expensive program they use at the clinic. :-( So much for that!

However, I did find someone else's photo online that really does a very good job of showing you what my eye looks like:
"CNV" stands for "choroidal neovascularization" which is the problem I have. See that black, cloudy space in the eye? That's the center of vision. The white spot in it with the bright outline? That's a clump of weedlike blood vessels, strangling the center of vision, cutting off sight. And that is pretty much what my eye photos look like, except that my clump of blood vessels have a strange tear drop shape in the middle.

Funky, huh?

My doctor says I'm doing really well. He called me a "superstar" with this drug treatment. Best results he's ever seen. And that's a Good Thing.

So, I'll keep stumbling forward, folks!

Oh - and America? I beg of you - please, oh please, oh please - do not watch that wretched OJ thing. Do not buy the book. Do not put another penny in that guy's pocket. Thank you.


Janet Kincaid said...

Wow! How intense. But cool that the doctor says you're doing so well. How many more treatments until you're all better?

As for OJ, I can't believe it. He's getting away with murder. Again. No way in hell I'll be buying his book or listening to his interviews. Judith Regan should be ashamed of herself for buying and selling such dreck. (Gee. Ask me how I feel about all of this...)

Cyn said...

Festival of Medical Care Day, eh? Don't they celebrate that in Mexico with pinatas and free syringes?

BTW, I have a photo program that can handle lots of different types of files (png,emf,pcx,tga,tiff,bmp and variations) if you want me to try and convert your eye to jpg for you.

spocko said...

But, but, but Merujo. The JUICE is ON the LOOSE! I just love saying that. Like when Michael Jackson fell down and was laid up in the Hospital for awhile. We got to say (in our best Darrell Hammond imitation of Ted Koppel)

"Jacko is on his BACKO"

Words. Words that rhyme. They make me laugh.

"Spocko if off the clocko!"

Claire said...

I'm glad to hear the eye treatments are going well.