Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday photos & more fun with neon

When I stepped outside for a late lunch today, it was 63F outside. This came as a surprise to me, since I haven't bothered to check the weather forecast for a few days, and it was chilly and rainy this morning.

So I wore a turtleneck and a heavy cardigan to work.

Bad move.

Still, even though I was a giant sweatball (mmm, how attractive!) I ventured forth into the springlike weather to grab a bite and take a few photos of "Flat Stanley" for one of my sisters' grandkids. Fortunately, this Flat Stanley is really small and laminated, so it's not a pain in the patoot like the earlier, lifesize versions.

I hit Chinatown for a meal on the (very, very) cheap and got some shots of Stanley and the arch that marks the tiny area of DC's Chinatown. (Which should probably be renamed "Overpriced Name Brand Town." But that's just me...)

Got a few other shots in Chinatown (most came out pretty crappy), but I got inspired and took a few neon shots tonight, too. Not my best work (shaky hands, crappy night vision), but there's some entertainment value for sure.


New Big Wong, huh? What happened to the old wong?
I'd pass on the double-cooked pork.
(Yeah, I know, it's not "wang" but "big wong"
still sounds kinda wrong, no?)

Either that, or I simply have the mind of a juvenile.
'Nuff said.

This scrap of photograph was underfoot
at my parking garage this evening.
I was struck by both the face and
the strange halo of grease above his head.
A fallen angel. A lost soul.

This place on Rockville Pike was, until recently, "Euphoria."
Apparently, it's under "Nu" management.
Nice job they did on keeping those "nu" letters straight, guys!

Mmmm, Cafe Crab! Neat sign, huh?

Maybe not so neat.
Would you really want to associate a place to sleep with... crabs?
"When I think Ramada, I think crabs!"

Handy hint: if your sign burns out like this, fix it fast!

He did? I sure hope Lum didn't eat the yellow stuff!

One of the guys from this last store (Asylum Skate & Snow) laughed his butt off when he saw me taking a photo. He said he hadn't noticed what it said. Definitely one of my favorite burned out neon moments in many months.

Have a good one folks. More over the weekend, when I'm caught up on my sleep!

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Shafa said...

New Big Wong...

Maybe there was "sum ting wong" with the old one.

I keeed I keeeeeeed.