Friday, March 23, 2007

Is it possible to get blacklisted by the WaPo Express?

Or did I just become so uninteresting and unhip that they stopped reading? (This is entirely possible. Especially since I'm not exactly hip.)

I used to pop up on the Express blog thingie periodically. No big deal. Since I don't pass an Express box on my way to work, I'd never know until someone told me. But a while back, I actually left a comment on the Express website when I felt that one of their "we're young, snarky, hip, and prettier than you" pieces (meant to be funny, at the expense of overweight - and therefore, apparently, not in the Express demographic - people) was, as I put it "more cruel than usual." Up until then, I had hits to my blog on a regular basis from the WPNI domain. After I actually objected to "fun" content? Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Could just be coincidence. It's not that it matters. It would simply be pretty amusing if I'd gotten kicked out of the fold for being opinionated, rather than for just being boring.

I'm good at being boring. (I think you can all attest to that.)

On occasion, I'm good at being opinionated, too.

Still no Romeo. It's 9:38 a.m. I give him an hour before I start calling and caterwauling to the property management peeps...

Update: Romeo finally got here. After he stood me up yesterday, I took a fairly evil delight in seeing him have to stick his hands deep into the rodent kingdom. Shame on me.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness he arrived! I read through your last post about the Express, waiting for the information about dear Romeo.

Does he have dark curly hair and is he handsome? Doesn't matter - the fact that he's there and doing his job makes him the most desireable man in the world.

Check his work before he leaves since it's doubtful that he'll return another day.


Janet Kincaid said...

I love it when people/organizations get called on their mean-spirited crap and then they try to get back at you for calling them on their crap. If you're not on WPNI anymore, it just means that they knew you were right, but they weren't big enough to admit it or issue an apology. Teasing those who are "differently abled" is the purview of teeny, tiny minds. Good for you for standing up to them!

P.S. Glad Romeo the Rodent Killer showed up, but sorry you missed the beach. I know what a great thing the beach is... It's what I miss most about moving here from Northern California.