Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's an honor just to be nominated!

Isn't that what everyone says when they're trying to be gracious to the losers, while clutching their major award like it's a bucket of crack wrapped in Godiva chocolate?

I checked my stats and discovered a number of hits coming here from a site called Best DC Blog. It would appear, I'm in the running for "Best DC Blog by a DC Writer." How 'bout that? Looks like I'm on the bubble to be cut right now (probably shouldn't have followed two serious posts with a photo of a fur bearing trout, eh?) But it is cool to be nominated. It's nice to know, even when my writing output has been, to say the least, awfully craptacular, someone is reading.

And, to the folks at Best DC Blog - you had no way of knowing, but I had hit a quite the dry patch creatively, and this was a nice kick in the butt to get back on the horse and write. I'll put the furry trout and jackalope photos on the back burner for a while.