Sunday, March 18, 2007


Yeah, I've been absent for a bit. So sue me.

Lots going on, but none of it worth commenting on. Just the darkly mundane things that seem to make up my life right now: piles of ulcer-inducing deadlined work during the day, piles of junk at night, hours spent stressing over how to make ends meet for the next few years (how many handmade herbal eye pillows can I sell to help pay for groceries?), visits to doctors and lawyers, misplaced jealousy over the simple normalcy of friends' lives. It makes me really, really tired just to think about it, actually.

But in an act of "blog sublimation" I'm going to channel all that crapola back into more entertaining fare. Whining to be kept to a minimum.

Smile, kids. The show must go on.

Give me a day or two. I'll be back. And I'll have stories for you.

Please stand by.


Anonymous said...

No worries, mate!

We're here when you're ready...smooches!

BTW, D is itching for you to come visit us. Let me know if you're allergic to cats or whatever.

Reya Mellicker said...

You're not whining, and your jealousy is not misplaced. Write whatever (and whenever) you feel like. Your readers are here for you, cheering you onwards and upwards. Take good care.

Scholiast said...

Standing by, M, and hoping the reasons for whining will soon be a thing of the past...