Sunday, April 01, 2007

Suddenly sick

Out of the blue I was cold and shivering last night. As in, couldn't get warm under a pile of four thick blankets. I woke up feeling pretty bad this morning, with a cough and all-over aches and pains. I had a long list of things to achieve today, but have only gotten a fraction done due to my grogginess and continuing chills. Lovely. I feel like Magazine Man on one of his periodic medical disaster days, but at least I haven't started hallucinating talking giraffes yet.

I am going to try to clean the bathroom this afternoon because, when I feel like crapola, having a really clean bathroom is a boon.

I have a pile of things to get done at work tomorrow. I may go in super early when it's very quiet, and then head home around lunchtime. Maybe this will have passed by morning. Hope, hope, hope. I'll clean the bathroom on breaks from watching The Langoliers on cable. God bless you, cable television - friend to the sick and sofa-surfing.

The TV calls, but, as God is mah witness, that bathroom shall be clean by sundown!

(This would have been one of those moments when owning a copy of Photoshop would have been good. I wanted to 'shop a plunger or a nice toilet scrub brush into her upraised hand. Oh well. Gotta go, Scarlet and I have a date with Mr. Clean...)


Loracs said...

Your body's idea of an April Fools joke? Hope you're feeling better. I called in sick today because I couldn't sleep last night. I often go in with 3 or so hours of sleep, but with zero - not going to do it.

paulnojustpaul said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, lovely M! [sending virtual chicken soup your way (I've made a good recipe if you want it. :-)]