Friday, May 04, 2007

Is it any wonder Paris Hilton is a dumbass?

So, Paris has been sentenced to 45 days in jail. About friggin' time. While 45 days is really a slap on the wrist for a weasel driving on a suspended license after an "alcohol-related reckless driving" situation, I'm sure it will be hellish for (hasn't everyone spent a night in the) Paris Hilton. She might find her time in jail quite... interesting considering her penchant for flashing her bare crotch in a number of tabloid photos. Perhaps she will be inspired to slap on a thong after a few nights shared with some lonely fellow convicts. Hell, by the time she's out, maybe she'll be wearing granny panties and sweats.

(Yeah, I know. I suck at cut and paste. I don't have the mad dee-sign skillz...)

What got me about today isn't Paris' behavior in court, which from all accounts, was somber, sober and appropriate, shockingly. No, it's mama Kathy Hilton's response to her daughter's jail sentence. From

"As a city prosecutor said during closing arguments that Hilton deserved jail time, Hilton's mother, Kathy, laughed. When the judge ruled, Kathy Hilton then blurted out: 'May I have your autograph?'"

Nice, Kathy. Real nice. If this is how you react to your kid being sentenced for having broken the law and having put other lives at risk by driving under the influence, it's no surprise your daughter has turned out the way she has. Just think of how many minds you could have changed, Mrs. Hilton, had you been as respectful as your daughter finally was today. Think of how great it would have been had you, after the sentencing, told the press, "My daughter is paying a modest price for endangering others and breaking the law. No one should be above the law. I hope she learns a valuable lesson."

No, instead, you were a jerk. And the panty-free apple didn't fall far from the tree, did it?


Just thinking about Paris Hilton makes me want to bathe in Purell.


E :) said...

If that were me, I know my mother would give me a swift kick up the butt for being such a freaking irresponsible moron. But I guess that's why I didn't turn out like Paris. That's disgraceful parenting, not to take anything away from the lunacy of Paris herself.

Chuck said...

Unfortunately, I will bet that Paris ends up staying in a cell like the ones mentioned in this article. But maybe she'll have to do time in general population.

What I don't understand is why really wealthy people (i.e. Mel Gibson) who could afford limos to take them wherever they are going for the night end up getting busted for DUI. Oh well. Glad I don't live in California.

Dwacon said...

We need Singapore style justice... public caning (on pay per view to recoup taxpayer costs).