Sunday, June 17, 2007


I'm very low and lonely tonight. Anyone got any good thoughts to share?

Enjoy some good music while you ponder:

(By the way, roll over the cute YouTube bar at the end of the video and watch the live performance of "One Step Ahead." Neil Finn is a god.)


radiocynic said...

Welp, sorry this didn't catch you last evening, and hopefully you're feeling a bit more optimistic this morning.

But if not, here's my official attempt at "good thought"... You're a really excellent writer, and like most excellent writers/artists/musicians, etc., I'd bet you can usually channel any somewhat depressive moments into some major writing creativity.

Especially when you're so often blessed/cursed with the happenstance of so many bizarre incidents to write about. (Y'know, many of us underprivileged folks rarely even get to see folks having public car sex even once in most 24-hour periods...)

Anyway, hope you're feeling better!

E :) said...

That's why we claim Neil Finn as an Australian... LOL.

I hope you're feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better -- I didnt see this last night. I rarely post comments but I absolutely love your blog -- I'll be lining up to buy your book when it comes out. -erika

Claire said...

Commercial free season premiere of The Closer on tnt tonight.

Go Brenda! :)

Chuck said...

I had a bummer of a weekend myself. Due to some kind of stomach bug I was unable to go on a trip I had planned. But your "Bad Ideas In Lust" piece made me laugh. Keep writing! You never know whose mood you may improve.