Friday, August 17, 2007

Shocked! Simply shocked, I tell you!

The Sasquatch just sent me news that simply astounded me with its utter unexpectedness.

Drumroll please...

Siegfried and Roy are... gay!

Yes, like the mysteries of their magic, they've brilliantly kept this secret so well all these years. I mean I would never have guessed beneath their glitter, tights, and giant codpieces they were something other than massively straight.


I mean, c'mon. Those two have been queens of the stage for a damn long time. I imagine the only people who ever thought they were straight were John Paul II and Michael Jackson. (And I'm not sure even the Pope was that naive.)

WTF? No, really. WTF?

Seriously - they really did put on one hell of bizarre Vegas show. For all that I dissed it in that linked post (mostly because of the price tag), I'm glad I got to see it before Roy was mauled into retirement. And it's nice they're finally coming out. But really, kids, if you didn't have a clue that these gents were flying a rainbow flag, you need your gaydar fixed. Now.

Okay, I admit that sometimes it's a tough call
between "Vegas" and "gay", but, c'mon!

Suddenly craving a Sunday at Perry's drag brunch,



Heather Meadows said...


Anonymous said...

Siegfried & Roy are GAY?!?!? OH.MY.GOD. I did not see that one coming for a million miles!

Seriously, huh? You'd had to have been sleeping until a rock--which obviously those two were--to not have figured that one out the very first time you ever saw them. It's like being shocked to learn that Liberace was gay. Or Johnny Mathis. Or Rock Hudson. Or Neal Patrick Harris.


Okay. I'll stop with the dripping sarcasm now. Excellent post

Liseysmom said...

I felt the same way when I found out David Hyde Pierce was gay. Um, yeah, I thought we already knew that?!

Anonymous said...

ok - is this really "coming out"? If so, someone should have talked them years ago about maybe being a little better at being in. If so then we all probably have a little coming out to do - I'll come out as black. Merujo, you can come out as a woman. I mean, obviously there's no such thing as too obvious right?