Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Last (for now ) Dolby Hurrah & the Jazz Mafia Blog

So, tonight is my last Dolby concert for a good long time. Thomas has moved to the UK for a while (sounds like his kids are digging being in school in England) where he will work on his new CD. (I was doing to write "album" but I realized just how old that would make me sound!) FYI -- he's making this new recording entirely "off the grid" - he'll be recording in a green studio (wind, water, solar-powered) and on a sailboat, using this cool technology called eSession to work with collaborators long-distance. I think that's pretty brilliant, actually. As Thomas said on Wednesday night, the new CD will be out "when it's out." We could have a long wait, but that's okay. Part of the fun will be the adventure of seeing how it all comes together. There's a good podcast interview from Electronic Musician magazine with Thomas about the green recording plans and eSession.

But I'm a little bit sad that I won't see him again for quite some time. Over the years I've known him, we've only met up in person a handful of times before the tour. Such is the way with friendships struck up via the Internet! I have some friends I've NEVER met in a decade-plus of knowing them. (Which is strange, perhaps, but, in some sweet way, much like pen pals of old - a little linkage to our letter-writing past.) It's been a real joy to share the gigs with dear friends. I'll miss it all.

But we all have things we need to do - lots of creative stuff for everyone on the horizon. And the time is coming to take a deep breath and dig in. Get to it! Autumn will be here on Sunday, and it's my new year, as far as I'm concerned. Bring it on, Mutha Nature. I'm ready!

(Now, if I could just shake this friggin' case of pneumonia, thanks!)

On another topic -- in case you're a Dolby fan and you've missed my links previously, the Jazz Mafia Horns have a blog, and Adam Theis, trombonist extraordinaire, has been blogging from the road with Thomas. If you check out the most recent post, you might even see a fuzzy photo of Gonzomantis, the Sasquatch and me (photos are appropriately fuzzy when a Sasquatch is involved, I do believe!)

Off to launder and enjoy a little of my flex day before the Birchmere gig...

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