Thursday, September 13, 2007


I can't believe it. I'm free for a couple of days!

It felt like the deadlines at work were so unrelenting that I wasn't ever going to come up for air again. I know all the security guards who work the night shift now. I've walked through our big staff conference room in the pitch black so many times, I can make it across the room that connects two of our buildings together with no light, without bumping into any furniture.

I'm not sure if I should be proud of that. It's simply been one of those things I've learned over the past few weeks. When you're leaving the office at 11:30 at night, you've got to find ways to amuse yourself (and keep yourself awake!)

All this work will pay off a few months down the line, I hope. And I've learned a good deal about the financing and production of films, which is pretty cool for a chick who loves her pop culture. I've had to bend my brain around projects the nature of which I never expected to deal with before. And I've developed some new writing skills. All good.

But now, I'm beyond tired. This cold will not let go. The cough was especially bad today. And I've developed some sort of allergic reaction to something (my new cheap laundry detergent??) which has, overnight, given my arms and legs itchy bumps that remind me of chicken pox. Lovely! Maybe it's just a stress reaction.

Now that I can breathe for a couple of days, perhaps it will recede. Here's hoping!

Tomorrow, the car gets some much-needed repairs. I'm afraid of hearing what else needs to be fixed, but I'm also numb enough right now that I can take it.

But next week will be like a reward for all the craziness. Good music to be heard, played by a friend, enjoyed with friends. A couple days off work. Time to think about assembling the first book proposal. I can't let that momentum fail. Must keep moving forward!

I'm listening to Crowded House's new CD, Time On Earth, as I type. Damn, it's good. It will grow and grow on you, for certain. Many of the songs are about the aftershocks of the suicide of Paul Hester, but, no matter if you've lost someone or just have been through times of uncertainty, the lyrics will resonate. And the music is simply quite good.

Just breathing is good, too. Even when you're wheezing.

Man, I wish I had a bucket of calamine lotion right now! (Update: I think I may be having an allergic reaction to the drug the doc gave me for the cough/lung gunk -- my strange symptoms match exactly with the "possible severe side effects" -- EEEK!)


Chuck said...

Have a good weekend! You've DEFINITELY earned it.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I think I'll go give the Crowded House a listen. Thanks for the review.

Enjoy the time off.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the book proposals! Have a good weekend, and I hope the lung gunk clears up without having to go to the corner drug dealer for a little something-something to counter the side effects.

Myself, I plan to pick up the new Deluxe Edition of My Aim is True, as I never managed to get the original on CD. I just have an old cassette tape. It always reminds me of you, since you were the first person to play that album for me. And thus show me that there was music out there besides what they played on crappy midwestern top 40 radio. Thanks for that.

PS Thought of you when I saw the Love Boat story in the Entertainment Weekly.