Friday, January 04, 2008

Day Three of the All-Day Sleep-a-Thon

It's true that no one wants to be sick when they're on vacation, but it sure saves on sick days. I'm deep in Sick As A Dog territory right now. I've been sleeping round the clock for days now, just getting up for an hour here and there and then returning to motionless sleep. I should have known this would be a very bad round of bronchitis because I was fighting it for two weeks before it finally hatched. My lungs are fried, my ears crackle and crunch, and sleep is a lovely escape from the painful cough.

Last night I went out for Vick's Vapo-Rub and some Mucinex DM. (Yeah, the TV ads for Mucinex are disgusting, but the stuff works like a dream.) I didn't realize just how cold it was outside, and I think my entire respiratory system went into shock, and I had a coughing fit to beat the band. Thank god for the inhaler the doctor gave me when I had pneumonia back in September. A friend last night suggested that I might have pneumonia again. She's possibly right, but dear lord, I hope not. My doc's on vacation, and the first appointment I could get with an ENT is on Monday. I may be at the urgent care center this weekend. We shall see.

Right now, sleep is sounding pretty good again. So is a shower, if just to get my lungs clear for a moment.

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Chuck said...

Be sure to see a doc if you're not feeling somewhat better by Monday. I just got over a case of Bronchitis in late November and what fun it was. Then I had the chest cold from hell over Christmas...but it didn't turn into pneumonia, anyways. Hope you feel better soon!