Wednesday, January 02, 2008

If the RIAA follows through on this...

...people will stop buying CDs, plain and simple. This is stupid.


kristen said...

I've never had much respect for the bozos at the RIAA, and seeing as how they stalled and made so many horrible moves on digital music, this makes even less sense. They will kill the dinosaur platform they've been clinging to for years. If the RIAA and major labels made better products, you wouldn't have to nickel and dime their current customers.

I'm not double-paying. The agreement on CDs is as long as you're not distributing them, you can use them however you'd like. Will they start shutting down house parties because attendees don't pay the RIAA a cover charge?

I'm one of those people who still buys the CD so that I have it in the car without going through the trouble of hooking up my iPod widgets. Oh well. They just lost me as their customer. Good job, struggling music industry!

radiocynic said...

Lord yes, this is incredibly stupid. I'm a big believer (maybe amongst the last) in actually paying for music and software so that their creators at least get a piece of it... Also a big believer in not sharing unless it's to entice the receiver to also become a purchaser, thereby helping the artists (and their bozo labels.)

But once I've bought it, I'm making a whole BUNCH of copies for my own use (and always have since the olden days of cassette mix tapes "ripped" from lp's and 45's), and there's absolutely nothing illegal or immoral about that.

I really don't want to see the complete death of traditional "albums", but all this dumbness really floors me sometimes.

Happy New Year, anyway!

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Stupid, frivolous lawsuit. But hey, if stupid, frivolous RIAA thinks they can enforce it, well then, more power to 'em! (Idiots. I wonder what numb skull policy wonk at the trade association hatched this one?)

Cyn said...

This is bullsh*t. Unenforceable bullsh*t.

However, to keep the RIAA off our butts, I should gently correct my spouse, that by "whole BUNCH" he means, like, maybe an extra copy for the car, and perhaps also putting his favorite tracks on a mix CD. (Says she who doesn't want to be the next legal test case.)