Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh, no, I didn't

This morning, as I took a cranky, sweaty Metro ride downtown, I found a copy of Express sitting on the seat next to me. I hadn't seen a copy of Express in ages - lately, all the streetcorner boxes I've encountered have been emptied by commuters before I've managed to hit one.

I settled in for a read as the Red Line headed down to Farragut North and flipped through the articles. Hurricane Gustav, check. Sarah Palin and her family circus, check. Medical trial ads, check. (I keep hoping to see one reading "Are you karma's bitch? We can help with free investigational drugs!" So far, no luck.)

But then, on page 28, there it was - the Blog Log. Pithy quotes from local bloggers about the day's events. There was a thoughtful quote about being a Red Cross volunteer in the aftermath of a hurricane... two thoughtful quotes about Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin... and then, this, circled in pink, just for you:

For the record, I was amused by the irony of the situation, not by someone going into rehab. Unless it's Amy Winehouse, I'm not going to be that mean! Eight posts over the holiday weekend, and this gets culled from the herd, of course.

Ah well, fame and infamy - sometimes, for fifteen minutes (or the length of someone's post-holiday commute), it's the same thing. I hope that, for every Metro traveler today who thought, "Jeez, what a jerk!" there was an equal number saying, "Yeah, I kinda thought the same thing..."

Another proud moment for me in the land of Internet randomness.


Anonymous said...

I just nominated your blog for an award over at Divine Caroline. It's hard to decide what category your writing falls into. I suggested you for the Neighborhood & World category, but you could really fall into several different areas.

I don't understand why your blog hasn't been nominated for or won any awards so far. Or has it and you just don't talk about it? I see really dumb pages nominated all the time.

Anonymous said...

I've nominated you in four categories over at the Bloggers Choice Awards too. You have to look yourself up under merujo.blogspot.com there because it didn't like merujo.com for some reason. You're nominated for Best Blog About Blogging, Best Blog About Stuff, Freakiest Blogger, and The "Blogitzer" for best writing on a blog.

I hope lots of people vote for you! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sweet and Sweet. I aspire to blog greatness.