Saturday, August 15, 2009

Creeping back into the sunlight

Hello, friends.

It's been a while, no?

Things just weren't all that great for yours truly. June and July swirled together into one miserable, feverish blur - one I'd rather forget.

After a considerable sabbatical, my sense of humor is slowly returning. I'm still a little hesitant to write much here. To be honest, my plate away from the blog is pretty full right now. More on that later. But, tonight, I wanted to make some baby steps back into the groove.

So, consider this Baby Step #1.

For the first time in months, I took some photos today. I was out with the Sasquatch and the Atomic Editor, and while they did a little bit of geekly male bonding in a comics shop, I sat outside and tried to remember how to use my little camera.

These aren't very good photos. I'm not a very good photographer.

That said, I'd like to think there's perhaps something a little metaphorical here, or at the very least symbolic, of my slow return at the height of summer.

Or that could just be a load of pretentious BS.

Eh, BS or not, the plants were pretty:

It's a start, right?

I don't know if anyone is still stopping by anymore, but just in case, thanks. Good to be back.


Chuck said...

Nice pictures!

Sasquatch said...

Merujo, you not expendable.

Anonymous said...

Baby steps are good. Nice photos, it's not neon, but still very nice to look at.
Welcome Back!

Mme.Meow said...

Welcome back!!!!

Heather Meadows said...

Welcome back. Those are beautiful flowers! Go ahead and let their blossoming be a metaphor, and open yourself up to the sun :)

Unknown said...

:-) Baby step are good!

Anonymous said...

Merujo-so glad you finally posted.. I was getting very concerned... hope all gets sorted for you soon... you'll be possibly amused that over the past couple months, I have availed myself of a most excellent OXO cherry pitter and have mastered a very low sugar Clafouti recipe that my family insists I make a fresh batch of every wendsday & Fri nite... as long as the fresh cherries are in season just call me the Clafouti Kid !!
I've been peeking in here most every day hoping you'd managed to surface again.. thanx for the update and the eye candy !!!

Count Culo

Mary A Brown said...

"We're still here...we won't go away" Welcome back!

Aileen said...

Ah yes...the flowers seem to represent an awakening of sorts!

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Nice baby steps! And your photos are lovely. Like you. Glad you're still around. Wish we were going out for coffee this evening.

Robin said...

Yes, it's a start, and I've missed you, and I like the refreshing photos:) I hardly get to my own blog any more, nor even my "dashboard" of those I follow, so when I had, guess this update of yours wasn't in the top 20 most recent......
I'll read your more recent one, too.
I do hope your August was a bit better, and hey, September is coming up before we know it. It's got to get better! Hey, my captcha says "advent." Hmmm, couldbe promising. I hope.