Friday, August 20, 2010

Hint to DC City Workers

If you're driving a city-owned car (or, as was the case this morning, city-owned tractor!) and you have a sticker on the back window that reads "How's my driving? Call 311 to report problems" DON'T DRIVE THROUGH EVERY RED LIGHT ON CONNECTICUT BETWEEN THE HILTON AND DUPONT CIRCLE.

Amazed people like me will actually call 311 and complain. (And, for the record, I spoke to a lovely, uber professional person at DC's 311 line who took my complaint, confirmed that this was a city worker, and gave me a complaint confirmation number.)

The same goes for federal workers driving cars with USG plates. You're driving on our dime. And you have federal license plates. You're easy to report when you're swerving between lanes in morning rush hour like a Friday night drunk.


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Washington Cube said...

On Friday, I had a man in a van (red light) push around me (no lane) to outrun me. Once I was behind HIM, I saw he was a driver for some service that printed on the back of his van. "We pride ourselves on safe driving. Please report, etc. with a telephone number." If it hadn't been rush hour and me worn and not feeling "best" I think I would have. I only report this to show you, "It's not just you. It's a large problem in this city."