Saturday, August 07, 2010

Why, sure you can pay me to buy that swanky printer paper

I love stuff like this.

I ran out of my crappy cheap printer paper for home use. Went to Staples today - they had a deal where you could buy *any* ream of paper -max of two reams for this deal, any brand/type - and you get the cost back 100% in Staples Rewards. Nice. Really nice. I don't mind waiting a month to get paid back.

But then I noticed that the swanky Hammermill Ultra Premium inkjet paper also had an online rebate of $3 a ream. So, I bought two reams, and in the end, Staples will be paying me $6 for having bought the nice paper.

It pays to be a savvy customer. Also pays to just walk into a deal like that by accident. Which is pretty much what happened here...


Washington Cube said...

We're on the same page/paper. I also went into a Staples and wound up with two reams of that paper. Already sent my rebate receipt in.

Merujo said...

Great minds think alike, eh? Sometimes it's the little sweet deals that make your day. (And I love "Easy Rebates" online.)