Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Jerks Next Door

They left their teen daughters at home alone tonight, and they had a drunken party. One that sprawled out into the street, punctuated by loud screaming from, oh, 8 p.m. until 11:45 when they realized that at least four neighbors had called the police.

"OH SH@T! THEY'VE CALLED THE COPS!" went the screams all over the street, as stumbling teens gathered beer bottles. One of my neighbors stood in the street, yelling at them. She couldn't get any of her kids to bed because these creeps were shrieking. She was probably my age, around 40, and one of the boys screamed at her "GO LIVE IN AN OLD AGE HOME, YOU BITCH!"

Sadly, the police have still not arrived and the girls knocked it off when they realized the cops had been called. One of the kids, still yelling, clearly too drunk to remember to whisper, said, "You guys are so lucky. You got all the bottles hid before the cops got here..." So, there will be no punishment. I can only hope the girls' breath still reeks of booze when the cops knock on the door. But teens are good at hiding the smell of booze. A quick t-shirt change and a mouth full of Listermint...

Were I a big guy, I would go over there tomorrow and talk to the parents, but they're such toads, it would do no good. I wonder if the parents understand that if any of those kids smacks into a tree driving home, they'll be responsible.

Man, those people stink.

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