Thursday, April 14, 2005

Target Glue Traps 1, Mice Nil

Kudos to the makers of the Tom Cat discount glue trap. Very effective.

And mad props to the mouse who refuses to die and has been dragging the shit out of the glue trap all around the kitchen. Goddamn, that's one tough little bastard. Part of me wants to go grab the damn trap and bag the bugger and, frankly, end him in a trash bag and stop the flapping and dragging in the kitchen. But the girly part of me does not want to touch the fucking thing until all movement has stopped. (And even then, I have to figure out how to get rid of the trap without coming close - the old bbq tongs from the old apartment got dumped after their last mouse duty.)

And it's 2:55 in the a.m. You know this mouse is fierce when it's loud enough to wake me up two rooms away.

Bleech. I don't like killing critters, but rodents are a special class. And Hugh Laurie isn't here to name this sucker Stuart and buy him cute clothes.

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