Saturday, May 14, 2005


No, I don't hang around conservative political websites. I found this link somewhere else.

Just read.

Listerine and Hershey Bars... what the hell was Cremola?

Creative naming should be banned. Babies should not be named Coco or Apple or Moon Unit or Dweezil or Listerine or Latrine or Shankawankadingdong or Cremola (whatever the fuck that is.) Life can be hard enough if you have a normal name. Do not doom your child by naming it Fahrfegnugen, okay?

I met a woman in Russia named "Hydroelectric Station" once. She was an older woman from rural Armenia, and she came to the embassy in Moscow, hoping to immigrate with her brother, "Tractor" and her sister, "October" (well, Oktyabrina - at least there was an effort to make it slightly more appealling that "Tractor.") They were nearly illiterate, seriously clueless, and clearly the product of parents desperate to please the Soviet state. Ugh. Poor things.

I knew a woman named Ninel. (NEEN-yel.) That's Lenin backwards. She once told me that she thought her name was mysterous and sexy until she was 20 and figured out what her parents had done for the good of the Party. Then, she wanted to kill herself.

She goes by Nina.


Sasquatch said...

There's not a lot out there on it, but you can see what was in it here. Sounds a bit dodgy to me...

Merujo said...

It looks terrifying. Foam?!? It's not right. Just. Not. Right.