Thursday, May 19, 2005

Gettin' Biblical with Martin Sheen

Back in the before time, when Aaron Sorkin was higher than a kite and writing exceptional scripts for NBC, "The West Wing" was a helluva show. Then, Aaron got busted in an airport with coke and pot and possibly an endangered weasel down his pants. In the aftermath, he declared "The West Wing" had jumped the shark and he faded into the Hollywood Hills, just another gorilla in the mist (or smog, if you will.)

But, back in that before time, the writing was good and the social commentary exceptional. Recent reading of the scary and insanely bigoted blog of a young woman in the Midwest (I am drawn to it like gawkers to a particularly gruesome auto accident), I was reminded of one of my absolute favorite West Wing scenes ever. In this piece, President Bartlett walks into a room full of talk radio hosts visiting the White House. One is a Dr. Laura-type, and, unable to stop himself, Josiah Bartlett gives her a piece of his Biblical mind that still amuses me greatly. Here is that scene. Enjoy:

A young Josiah Bartlett goes apeshit in 'Nam...

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